The Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

The nine affordable makeup brushes that I can't live without! Including brushes from EcoTools, Elf and Wet n Wild. (one is only a DOLLAR!)

Hi friends!

Today we are going to be talking about something in our beauty routines that I feel gets overlooked often… BRUSHES. More specifcially, AFFORDABLE brushes!

I know they aren’t as fun as looking at pretty eyeshadow palettes or lipsticks. But, brushes can make or break your makeup look! While I have a few high end brushes that I do love, I wanted to share my favorite affordable ones today! These all are brushes that I have been using for quite some time now, with the exception of one. I have so many brushes, but these are the ones I reach for most often!

Most of these brushes come individually, but there are a few that you can only buy in sets and I will be sure to denote those!

The nine affordable makeup brushes that I can't live without! Including brushes from EcoTools, Elf and Wet n Wild. (one is only a DOLLAR!)

1. Eye Brushes

-Eco Tools Defined Crease Brush (Comes in the Start the Day Beautifully Set for $12.99 at Ulta)

This is such a great blending brush. Eco Tools makes some of my favorite brushes. They are such high quality for the price! This brush is super soft. It is perfectly rounded and is great for applying a medium shade color to the crease.

-Wet n Wild Crease Brush ($.99 at, I can usually find them in store at Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens!)

If you pick up anything from this post, let it be this! This is an incredible crease brush that blends out shades perfectly. I almost always go in with this brush first with a light matte shade. It is also great for taking a clean brush and blending out the edges of your shadow when you are done. These are only ONE DOLLAR and I probably have four or five of them! For the price, you seriously cannot go wrong.

-Persona Cosmetics Multi-Use Makeup Brush ($9.99 on the Persona Website)

This brush was first released in the Persona Cosmetics Color Theory Eye Kits last fall (which I also would highly recommend), and I have been so in love with them since! This brush has a really unique shape, which you can see in the picture. It is a fluffier brush at the base that tapers off. But it isn’t so fluffy that it is flimsy. This brush is great for applying darker shades to your outer corner because you can pack the color down and also blend it out with the same brush. All you have to do is slightly change the angle that you are holding the brush. I also use this brush to blend shades out on my lower lash line! I am so glad that they decided to release this brush individually from the eye kits because I think it is so good and so unique.

2. Powder Setting Brushes

-Elf Powder Brush ($4 at Ulta)

I have used this brush for YEARS. Seriously, I think I have had this brush for at least six years. It has been through many, many washes and is still going strong. I will say that every once in a while the ferrule comes loose from the handle, but it is easy to place back on. It is probably time for me to get a new brush, especially because these are only four dollars!

This is the ONLY brush I use to set my face with powder, aside from setting my undereye concealer which is the next brush that I use. The flat top of this brush and the densely packed bristles make it perfect for really pressing powder into the skin. I’ve used other powder brushes and they always seem to disturb my foundation underneath and this one doesn’t. I use it with both loose and pressed powders and it is perfect both ways.

-Elf Small Tapered Brush ($3 at Ulta)

This is the brush that I love to use to set my undereye concealer. It is great because of how it tapers at the end, perfect for getting right in the corner of your eye. Again, I use this brush with both loose and pressed powders. Sometimes I also use this brush to highlight with, but only with a more natural highlight. It is a little too densely packed in my opinion to use with a highlight that is really blinding. However, it is a great brush also for blending out a highlight if you apply too much. Just tap the brush into a little bit of setting powder and tap it over the highlight to tone it down!

3. Highlighting Brushes

EcoTools Controlled Setting Brush (Comes in the Airbrush Complexion Set which is $14.99 at Ulta)

This brush is called a setting brush, but it is the best highlighting brush for an impactful highlight in my opinion! It is small enough that you can place the highlight without worrying about it getting all over your face, but you can also use this same brush to buff the highlight into your skin so it doesn’t look like you have a stripe on your face. I have several other brushes that I like to use for highlight, but this is by far my favorite. I just love the shape of it and find that it really makes blinding highlights look the best.

-EcoTools Highlight Brush (Comes in the Define and Highlight duo for $11.99 at Ulta)

I was never a fan of fan brushes (no pun intended) until I tried this one! This is quite a bit bigger than most fan brushes, my favorite thing to use this for is a natural highlight. Specifically, I love pairing it with the Essence Pure Nude Highlight because it diffuses the glow on your cheeks, making it look like you are naturally glowing! The only con of this brush is that it is quite large, so it is difficult if you are dipping it into a palette to not mix colors. However, the large size of it is why I like it for natural highlights!

4. Face Brushes

-EcoTools Full Blush Brush (In the Start the Day Beautifully Kit for $12.99 at Ulta)

This is my perfect brush for bronzer! I know it says full blush brush, but the oval shape of this is perfect for the hollows of your cheeks! I also use it to do a light contour because you can squeeze the bristles together to get a more precise application and then use the brush to blend it out. But as a generally brush for bronzing, this is amazing. The size is small enough that you don’t have to worry about getting bronzer all over your face, but large enough that it blends bronzer out easily.

-EcoTools Multitasking Powder Brush (in the Airbrush Complexion Kit for $14.99 at Ulta)

This is the brush I use almost every day for blush! It is a great size and the bristles aren’t so densely packed that you accidentally apply too much blush. However, if you do apply too much blush you can easily blend it out with this. I love the rounded shape because it fits the apples of my cheeks perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! These are all brushes that I use so often and think that you will love too.

I wish that you could buy the EcoTools brushes seperately, but of all of the brushes that I have tried from them, only a handful haven’t worked out for me. So while these brushes are my holy grail affordable brushes, that is not to say that I don’t think you would enjoy the other brushes that come in the sets either!

If you found this helpful I would love for you to leave a comment down below! Or head over to my Instagram and leave me a comment there. If you missed my Favorite Makeup of 2018 post, you can find it down below!

Until next time, Ash.

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