GELRHONR Travel Razor Portable,Men & Women’s Mini Pocket Electric Shaver Hair Removal

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Magnetic electric shavers are compact and lightweight, making it simple to carry them in a pocket, purse, or suitcase. The product does not have a battery, a more matching handset jack, an easy way to get electricity yet, the ability to use it portable from anywhere, plug and play, and the usage scenarios are more diversified.

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GELRHONR Travel Razor Portable,Men & Women’s Mini Pocket Electric Shaver Hair Removal

Mobile Phone Shaver Trimmer is the name of the product.

The color is black.

Material: ABS

Size: 30*46*20mm

Weight: 65g

Voltage: 3.7-5V

Power: about 1W

Ultraviolet light: 395-400 nanometers

A characteristic of the product

1. The product does not have a battery, thus it is currently more convenient to receive electricity. Additionally, the possible applications are more varied.

2. Miniature, portable, and space-saving, with plug-and-play functionality, ease of use, and blazing-fast performance; complementing to the standard razor typically seen in domestic settings

3. The packing is of the highest quality, and the inclusion of a present velvet bag makes the item easier to transport;

In the event that you have an urgent need for shaving, use scenarios such as the best goods for work, business travels, travel, etc.

Concerns raised by customers

If it is inserted into the base of the mobile phone, will it cause any damage to the base of the mobile phone?

Our approach for shaving the edges of cell phones is based on the notion of repositioning the center of gravity and utilizing leverage:

1. Lower the product’s center of gravity till it is in close proximity to the location of the connection female interface;

2. Keep the merchandise within a reasonable distance of the mobile phone;

3. In order to accomplish tight matching and combination with the mobile phone socket, the product utilizes high-precision connection plugs.

If it is powered by a mobile phone, does the product have an excessively high power consumption that could potentially harm the battery of the mobile phone?

Mobile phone shaver load required voltage 4.2V current 180HA-220HA, which is significantly lower than the mobile phone OTG discharge standard value. The mobile phone OTG function industry discharge standard value is 5V and 500HA. (It is important to note that the device has a power consumption that is less than 1 percent of the total power required for 5-10 minutes of shaving work.)

Does the product actually cut hair and provide a trim?

1. The motor used in the ultraviolet sterilization mobile phone shaver (Note: product motor) is a 130 motor, which has large torque (up to 80-100g torque), small current, low energy consumption (no-load current 80HA), and stable performance; 2.

(It is important to note that the actual measuring standard



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