My Favorite Makeup of 2018!

I know, I know, it’s already almost February 2019! But, when I was deciding how I wanted to launch my website I knew that I wanted to have at least one beauty post and one law school post up for people to read right away. What better way to kick off my beauty content with a favorites post?! Plus, I never actually shared a 2018 favorites post on Instagram so this will make up for that!

Most of these products are on the affordable side, but the pricier ones are worth every penny in my opinion!

I am going to go in order of how I would normally put on my makeup because that is what makes the most sense to me (with the exception of setting spray because I have the products separated into face products, cheek products, and lip and eye products).

Face Products

First of all, I do have pretty oily skin so just keep that in mind! For that reason, if you have more dry skin this foundaiton, primer and powder may not work as well for you!

Primer: Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base ($7.99 at Ulta)

Primers are one of those things that I think, “is this actually doing something for me? Or am I just putting more stuff on my face because I think I need to?”. However, THIS primer really does help my makeup last longer! I used it basically every day last summer where I was working long days doing a lot of running around! It is very lightweight and makes foundations blend out seamlessly!

Foundation: L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation ($12.99 at Ulta)

This foundation has actually been a favorite of mine for quite a long time now. When I thought about the foundation I loved most in 2018, this came to mind because it was the one I was always grabbing when I traveled and knew that I needed a foundation with great lasting power. The finish of this foundation is pretty matte and I can build it up to full coverage with two layers. I prefer just one layer and medium coverage, though. I love that this foundation is not as heavy as some matte, higher coverage foundations are. If you have oily skin, this is a must to try out in my opinion! I wear shade 105 in the summer and 102 in the winter. Also, just realized that I totally forgot to include this in the picture of my face products. If I had emojis on here I would insert the hand over the face one. (Side note- I know $12.99 is on the higher end for drugstore makeup, my very close second is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless which is only $7.99 at Ulta!)

Concealer: Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer ($5.99 at Ulta)

First off, the shade range on this is absolutely horrendous, I know. They only have four shades and it is 2019, that is unacceptable. However, I do know that they will be expanding the range soon, so I feel confident recommending this. They have said the expansion will be coming in March on their instagram. This concealer is by far the best concealer I have ever tried for full coverage. It blends out so smoothly and the lasting power is insane! I do recommend blending this out pretty quickly after applying because it does set down faster than some other concealers. It is a thicker formula and is not the most lightweight feeling under the eyes, but I can look past that for the amount of coverage this gives!

Setting Powder: Too Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder ($33 at Sephora)

Okay I know this is the most expensive thing on my list, BUT it is so worth it I promise! You actually get so much product in this container, 1.23oz compared to .35oz in the CoverFX setting powder which is a lot of people’s favorite. So, while it is more expensive, it isn’t as bad as you think! I love this powder because it sets my foundation and concealer beautifully, without making me look cakey. I also notice that it takes significantly longer for my nose and chin to get greasy when I use this powder, which is a miracle for my oily skin. This powder is great both under my eyes and all over my face! One potential con, depending on how sensitive you are to scents, is that there is quite a strong peach scent on this product. I personally love the scent and it doesn’t bother me, but I know some people are not a fan! If you’re concerned about it, I’d recommend checking it out the next time you are at Sephora!

Setting Spray: Morphe Continuous Setting Mist ($16 at Ulta)

There is a reason this spray is so hyped up! First, the mist is the most amazingly fine mist I have ever seen. I love that this is continuous because I know I’m getting my whole face evenly! It’s so different than any mist that I have tried. Beyond just the packaging, this spray is also so good at extending the wear of makeup! It seriously makes all powderiness go away on your face and makes everything look so much more natural. I really think they’re on to something with this mister because it never leaves that wet feeling on your face. Which, with my oily skin, is the worst feeling after spraying a setting spray! I know it’s a little more expensive for even a drugstore setting spray but man, I cannot recommend this enough!

Blending Sponge: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($5.99 at Ulta)

Another item not pictured, I swear I’ll get better at this. The Real Techniques sponge has been my favorite for such a long time and it’s so inexpensive that I won’t stop repurchasing it! I typically buy these in the four pack when they go on sale at Ulta so I know I’ll always have a backup. These sponges are incredibly soft. I love the flat side to blend out foundation and the tapered end to blend concealer!

Cheek Products

Cheek products are my weakness, so this took a lot to narrow it down! I am going in order of top to bottom of the swatch picture.

Bronzer: Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer ($14.99 at Ulta)

Another product from the drugstore that is actually on the higher end, so I would recommend grabbing this when it goes on sale at Ulta! It also goes on sale periodically at Walgreen’s and CVS. As you have probably heard, this bronzer is amazing. It works as both a bronzer and a contour at the same time. I have both the bronzer and the deep bronzer shades. I actually prefer the formula on the original bronzer shade slightly better because it’s a little more cool toned. I wish the packaging wasn’t so bulky because it can be difficult to store, but the smell of this bronzer is SO so good. It will seriously make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

Subtle Highlight: Essence Pure Nude Highlighter ($4.49 at Ulta)

I didn’t think it was fair to just pick one highlight favorite of the year because I have those days I want a subtle glow and those days I want to be seen from space. There is no in between. I have loved this Essence Highlighter for years, and I used it almost every day at my internship last summer. It gives you such a beautiful glow and is a very soft powder. For less than $5, I seriously think every woman needs this. I know we all have those days where we want to glow but don’t want a crazy pigmented highlight. They also recently released the Pure Nude Sunlighter which is a bit darker and I also really love that one! If you have more of a medium/dark skin tone I would definitely check that one out.

Powerful Highlight: Jouer Rose Quartz Powder Highlighter ($24 at Sephora)

While there are a ton of drugstore highlighters that I love, this Jouer Highlighter has stolen my heart. I also have several Becca highlights and, to me, this is better! I don’t know if it’s because I am obsessed with this pinky shade on my skin tone or what, but this highlighter is seriously my most perfect blinding highlight of all time. It is so pigmented without emphasizing the texture on my skin. I also find that this lasts a lot longer than many other highlights I have. 14 hour days and this is still hanging on at the end! This formula isn’t glittery and won’t leave your face with little particles all over like some blinding highlights do.

Blush: Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine ($2.99 at CVS)

Besides lipstick, blush is my FAVORITE makeup product. Which is why I’m so thrilled that my favorite blush is only THREE DOLLARS. Mellow wine is a beautiful more neutral blush that is on the warm side. It goes perfectly with the undertones in my skin. This is mostly a matte blush with just a very slight sheen to it. It blends out beautifully and if I apply too much, I just take a loose powder over the top and it will lighten it up. This whole line of blushes is great, mellow wine just happens to be my favorite for my skin tone!

Eye and Lip Products

Brow Product: Elf Brow Pencil in Taupe ($2 at Ulta)

This brow pencil is TWO DOLLARS. And it is AMAZING. I have gone through at least ten of these and I refuse to buy more expensive brow pencils because it’s something I go through quickly and WHY in the world would I spend more than $2 if I don’t have to?! Now, this pencil is pretty thick so if you like really precise brows, this may not be for you. However, I prefer to not spend hours on my brows and this gets the job done quickly for me. I love that there is a spooly on the other end and I honestly rarely even use a brow gel or anything after I use this. It’s more of a waxy consistency but it isn’t so soft to the point that you feel you don’t have control over it. For two dollars I would highly recommend grabbing this the next time you are at Target or Wal-Mart. If you hate it, it was only $2. But honestly, I recommend this to so many people and a ton of them have told me how much they love it!

Eyeshadow Palette: Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette ($32 at Ulta)

Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette Swatches

Okay I know this palette is so neutral but I seriously think it is the best neutral palette out there! I wanted to choose a neutral palette for my favorite of the year because I know many people reading this probably wouldn’t reach for a super colorful palette. My Identity palette is WELL loved as you can see from the picture. I use it at least once a week (which is a lot considering I have about 50 eyeshadow palettes). Honestly, what I love most about this palette is that I can travel with just this palette and have everything I need. It has BOTH a matte and shimmer highlight shade which I greatly appreciate. It also has the perfect mix of matte and metallic shades. The shimmers in here are SO pigmented. You can get a beautiful day look and a deep smokey eye all from this palette. I love that there is a purple shade as well as a really warm toned brown shade in here so you can mix up the looks you create. Also, Persona Cosmetics was started by a YouTuber, Sona Gasparian, who is such a sweet soul.

Eyeliner: Maybelline Lasting Drama Matte Eyeliner in Jet Black ($5.99 at Ulta)

So, I’m really not much of an eyeliner gal. I can’t do a wing to save my life, which is why you won’t see any liquid liners on this post. BUT when I got this eyeliner to review from Maybelline and Influenster I actually really loved it! It is such a pigmented black liner and has incredible lasting power. I only wear this in my top and bottom water line, so I can’t speak to how it would perform on the lid. I use this when I want to deepen up an eye look or add more emphasis to my eyes.

Mascara: Essence the False Lashes Mascara ($4.99 at Ulta)

It was a really hard choice for me to decide between the Essence false lashes mascara or the lash princess mascara. I decided on the False Lashes because I like the wand better! It’s a natural bristle wand that is long and skinny. I can’t stand large mascara brushes like the Too Faced Better Than Sex because I swear I just get mascara all over my face. Probably user error, but small brushes don’t do that to me. This mascara gives a ton of length and volume! However, if you don’t like clumpy lashes then this may not be for you. I love clumpy lashes though, and this mascara is amazing. Just like I refuse to spend a lot on brow products, I refuse to spend $20 on a mascara because I’ve tried a ton of high end ones that I do love, but I can’t say that they’re any better than a $5 Essence mascara. And for something that I go through so quickly, I just can’t justify the high price tag at the moment.

Lipstick: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick ($26 at Sephora)

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Swatches
From top to bottom: Sake, Date, Chai, Nori, Tannin

Okay I KNOW, $26 for a liptick that is crazy! But oh my gosh you guys this lipstick formula is really something special. Sephora’s birthday gift last year included a mini in the shade Chai and I fell in love. So when they came out with the holiday set that was four minis for $25 I bought it ASAP. This formula is creamy and comfortable, but also so long lasting! It really is incredible and I have fallen head over heels. I am a lip product junkie, and nothing I have ever tried compares to these. Sephora has a couple sets that are two minis for $15 and I would definitely check them out. Bite products are food grade, which means they are totally edible! How cool is that! I mean, I know you probably don’t plan on eating your lipstick, but I take at least a little comfort in knowing that when I lick my lips what I ingest won’t harm me. I would definitely recommend either picking up a mini set of these or going into Sephora and swatching the shades they have to pick up a full size in a shade that you would wear daily! I actually found the set that I have on the Bite website for only $15, so I would highly recommend grabbing it before it sells out!!

Alright friends, there you have it! My favorite makeup products of 2018. It was pretty hard to choose just one in each category, but I truly love each and every one of these products dearly.

I would love to know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them! I’d also be super interested in what your favorite makeup products of 2018 were! Of course, these opinions are all my own and I don’t know what will work best for you. All I can tell you is my experience with the product and how it worked for me.

Until next time,


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