About Me

Hi there! My name is Ashley and I am a second year law student at the University of Iowa. I graduated from Iowa State University with degrees in psychology and criminal justice in 2017. Which means that I am a diehard Cy-Hawk (because I know you are wondering, I cheer for Iowa first).

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, the best city on Earth. I love dogs and babies and all the usual things. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and a big fan of pizza. I’ve been told that I’m pretty funny. Okay, I’ve been told that I’m pretty funny by my loving boyfriend, Anthony.

I am an extremely multi-passionate person, which means this blog will encompass a variety of topics. From reviewing the latest beauty products at the drugstore, to giving you my best study tips and book recommendations, I hope you will find something useful here! If not, I hope you leave here knowing that you are strong and that your past doesn’t define your future.



(p.s. I couldn’t think of a more creative way to sign my name so if you have any sweet ideas, shoot ’em my way)